Paintball Sydney – Since the grand opening of Sydney’s best paintball centre last year, Sydneysiders have been taking advantage of having world-class paintball action on their doorstep.

Paintball is the perfect activity for both men and women of all shapes and sizes. No previous experience is necessary and there is no need to be an Olympic athlete to be good at the sport.

Every team needs people to fill all positions. If you are ambitious and like to take charge then you can lead from the front and attack. If you prefer to be discreet then you can defend your fort at the back and keep an eye on the opposition.

Either way there is something for everyone on the paintball field. Sydney’s best paintball centre will have you ducking and weaving as you and your friends will have the best day out of the year.

Not only have we safely entertained countless amounts of birthday parties, buck’s and hen’s parties, corporate events and groups of average Joe’s, but we have also played host to a range of celebrity visits including the Parramatta Eels, Luke Jacobz and 2010 Master Chef winner Adam Liaw.

Whether it’s our amazing movie-set game zones or state-of-the-art equipment, every week excited paintball players are taking on the skirmish challenge.

So what are you waiting for, get your mates together and come visit the best paintball centre in Australia for your shot at paintball heroism.